Monthly Archives: October 2009

Visual Studio 2010 Announcements – Finally!

I’m finally able to discuss the new Visual Studio 2010 SKU’s. In an effort to simplify things, Microsoft has eliminated the Team role SKU’s. No more Architect Edition, Database Edition, Development Edition, or Test Edition. There’s now:

  • Professional
  • Premium – Code Coverage, Test Impact Analysis, Coded UI Test, Database Tools, Code Analysis, Code Metrics, Profiling
  • Ultimate – includes Web and Load Testing, IntelliTrace (formerly "Historical Debugger"), Architect Explorer, UML and Layer Diagramming Tools (very cool!)

Additionally, there’s Test Essentials and Team Lab Management. These are my favorites! (Although the Database Tools are a very close second!)

All of the editions will provide new tools for cloud development and new WPF/Silverlight designers. (There’s also a mentiong for improved Office & SharePoint development tools, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Up to now, the tooling for those products has been seriously underwhelming.)

Pay special attention to the newly announced deal here as well. It can get you upgraded!