The FEAR of improving software development

I recently completed my trip to Kansas City for the “Drive Your Development Tour” (aka the VSTS Road Show mentioned in my previous post). We had a good turnout at the event and a lot of great questions during and afterward. I hope those of you in the Minneapolis region can make it out!
I know it’s not cool to edit your blog post after they’re published, but Clint recently posted some pics from our events.
  • This is Kevin kicking off our STL event.
  • This pic shows Lee listening to me discuss static code analysis (or something), but probably really thinking about some cool new BDD stuff he’s working on.
  • This one is a bit strange, but apparently this is the part where I was educating them on the finer points of salsa dancing.
It’s really encouraging to see software development groups really starting to take process and the tools that enable them seriously. It’s great to talk to people about the adoption challenges whether they are going Big-A Agile or, as usual, some hybrid. Some discuss the challenges in getting management to understand the value of investing in tools and others talk about the fear developers have of weighty processes. These are valid concerns, however I think a lot of it boils down to a fear of change. I know we all fear change in our own way, but I’m always surprised to see it in our industry. I believe its important those of us in software development continue to embrace the changes that will push us forward.
Finally, The Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate is on its way to the public. I encourage everyone to check it out. From what I can tell so far, performance is much improved. Here are some links regarding the RC and some of the differences since Beta 2…
I’m committing myself to blogging about as many of the new features in VS 2010 as possible. I’ll also try to include process guidance where appropriate. So, please let me know what features interest you and what process challenges you are encountering.

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