Civilization V

2010 is going to be the best year EVER!
I absolutely love the Civilization series. My megalomaniacal side is released without constraints. There are a million ways to play this game and win, but my favorite is racing through the technology tree. I typically spend the majority of the beginning years claiming as much space as I can and just defending. All the while, I’m pumping everything I can into tech.
I not only have a goal to beat the game, but I love to ‘race against time’. It makes me happy to discover technology WAY ahead of what happened in real history. Once I’ve conquered the tech tree, I take my advanced weaponry, culture, and diplomatic advantages out on the rest of the world. Most of my cities start churning out tanks, missiles, and bombers, while a select few build the remaining wonders.
The most frustrating part of the game for me is utilizing land. My OCD won’t let me overlap cities and at the same time I use up every available spot regardless of its value.
If you love this series or want to find out more, keep on an eye on this space.

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