TFS 2010 Basic Installation

So, I’ve finally set up a basic installation of TFS 2010 RC on my laptop. I gotta say that’s pretty damn easy! Not counting the time it took me to download the bits, I bet I was able to install TFS in less than 20 minutes including the creation of my first Team Project! (I already had SQLExpress installed.) The new installation wizard looks great and is much easier to follow than previous iterations.
(If anyone cares, my laptop is Sony Vaio i7 [that’s 8 cores] with 6GB RAM running 64-bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate. These aren’t the prerequisites for TFS, but I’m pretty proud of my machine!)
The basic installation is great because it will run on a stand-alone machine. On my small home network, I can now share code and work items and even kick off automated builds. I’m very excited to have this for my presentations on Visual Studio since I can ditch the VPC I was using! There are, of course, limitations to a basic installation of TFS. It uses a SQLExpress instance and doesn’t install the TFS data warehouse. So none of the cool reporting features. 😦
The TFS admin console (another new feature of TFS 2010) has been re-skinned since Beta 2 as well. Like the installation wizard, it also looks great. With the basic installation, I don’t get to see all of the admin pages, but so far, so good.
I am still planning to upgrade one of my desktops at home and stand up a full TFS installation with Lab Manager, but I just haven’t made it out to get my parts yet.
By the way, has anyone else been duly impressed with the speed at which the Visual Studio 2010 RC opens the "Add Reference" dialog?!

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  1. It\’s awesome until you have to wait for System.ServiceModel to be available in the system references. On a machine with two cores. LOL.

  2. Is it faster than Visual Studio 2008? It is drastically faster for me. I don\’t think I\’ve had two cores since 2006. 😉

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