A Bug’s Life

I did a short presentation tonight on the bug lifecycle at the St. Louis Visual Studio Users Group. I apologize to those who attended, but it’s a broader topic than one might think and I think it’s important to level-set everyone first. I mentioned my artifacts would be available and they can be found here:
This only has 3 slides or so, but it does go into the difference between Priority and Severity as they apply to bugs.
This is the first activity diagram (created with the Visual Studio 2010 UML modeling tools and printed to an XPS format) of the bug lifecycle.
This is the second activity diagram of the bug lifecycle.
This is the third and final activity diagram of the bug lifecycle.
I like to break the bug lifecycle into three parts not only because its easier to read. Each piece is pretty much owned by a different role on the software development team. The first phase, Discovery, is the responsibility of the bug author (i.e. Developer, QA, Customer, Tech Writer, etc.). The second phase is Triage and its critical player is the Product Specialist or analagous business representative. The third phase, Resolution, is managed by a project manager since he is responsible for managing the estimates and schedule of bugs.
It was a good group and I wish we could have had more discussion time. I can only hope it was enough to entice them to want to learn more.

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