St. Louis Visual Studio Launch Event

I’ll be speaking at the St. Louis Visual Studio Launch Event on May 5th here in St. Louis. I’ve got an hour to tell the ALM story which for anyone who knows me is nowhere near enough time. 😉
My abstract is…
Improving Software Development Across the Lifecycle with Visual Studio® 2010
High-functioning software development teams are all the same—explicit integration of functions, measurement of flow improvements, common ownership of problems and action on improvements, all traceable to customer and business value. Of course we all aspire to work on, or lead software development teams that can be described this way.  In this session you’ll learn how Visual Studio 2010 enables teams to improve their software development processes throughout the entire lifecycle by making it easier to understand and implement changes to an existing code base, drive tighter team collaboration across roles, stay on top of critical metrics with better reporting, and take action to mitigate issues early – all to ensure you are solving real business problems and achieving customer expectations.
Translated this means, I’ll be covering:
  • the new Architecture tools
  • the new testing tools
  • the new reporting capabilities
More information can be found here: Unfortunately, it’s all sold out! However, I can guarantee I (and others) will be speaking about the new features again at the St. Louis Day of .NET 2010.

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