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How I Installed Windows 8 Developer Preview

For me, the best way to get Windows 8 installed was the dual-boot option.

  1. The Windows 8 with Developer Tools download was too big to copy to one of my DVD’s, so I first had to copy it to an 8GB USB thumb drive.
  2. I shrunk my existing Windows 7 partition by 75GB via Windows Disk Management.
  3. I then was able to boot from my thumb drive and install Windows 8.
  4. Once Win8 was booted up, I logged in and could see the new Metro desktop.
  5. Next, I linked my documents, photos, downloads, etc. to my Win7 volume. Drop into the classic desktop by hitting the Windows key on your keyboard. I’m doing most of my exploring via the classic desktop mode since the Metro desktop is geared more toward touch, which I don’t have on this laptop.
  6. Since I’m a Visual Studio enthusiast, I then installed Visual Studio 11 Ultimate and Team Foundation Server 11. I had to install the basic edition of TFS since I’m not running SQL, SQL Analysis Services, SQL Reporting Services, or SharePoint. I’ll setup a full-featured TFS instance on a VM later.

Now, I’m up and running. I’ll be in the market for a touch-enabled device next.


Give Camp in the STL

The St. Louis Give Camp (also known as Coding for Charities) is coming up fast. From Oct 21st to Oct 23rd, we’ll be writing code, designing web sites, and more to assist local charity organizations. This is the third such event here in St. Louis and I’ve enjoyed the experience every time.

Give Camp is a great opportunity to:

  • network with peers get involved in your local developer community
  • help a charitable organization with IT needs they otherwise can’t afford
  • learn some new skills or mentor others

I’ll be leading a team again this year to help out a charity from last year: The Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments. We’ll probably be creating a small web application for them and refactoring their back-end database.

Find out more about this fun event here.

Build & Win8

While I didn’t get to attend the Build conference, I was able to watch a few of the recorded sessions. If you are interested in following Windows 8, watching the keynotes is the best place to start.

Note: Day 2 keynote mentions Clint Rutkas, an old friend I worked with here in St. Louis. I can’t wait to see the project he’s doing with West Coast Customs! (I think this is the series.)

This conference wasn’t only debuting Windows 8 and Metro-style apps, but also .NET 4.5 and Visual Studio 11.

If you are interested in playing with Windows 8 yourself, you should go here. Note the various “flavors” you can choose from:

  • Windows Developer Preview, 64-bit
  • Windows Developer Preview, 32-bit
  • Windows Developer Preview with Developer Tools, 64-bit
    • This comes with Visual Studio 11 Express and Expression Blend 5

The developer tools like Visual Studio 11 and TFS 11 are available here:

  • Visual Studio Ultimate 11
  • TFS 11
  • TFS 11 virtual machine – already installed!

At this past week’s St. Louis Visual Studio Users Group, I presented on some of the announcements from the conference with a focus on the new features in Visual Studio 11. I hope to follow this up with some posts that go deeper into specific features.