How I Installed Windows 8 Developer Preview

For me, the best way to get Windows 8 installed was the dual-boot option.

  1. The Windows 8 with Developer Tools download was too big to copy to one of my DVD’s, so I first had to copy it to an 8GB USB thumb drive.
  2. I shrunk my existing Windows 7 partition by 75GB via Windows Disk Management.
  3. I then was able to boot from my thumb drive and install Windows 8.
  4. Once Win8 was booted up, I logged in and could see the new Metro desktop.
  5. Next, I linked my documents, photos, downloads, etc. to my Win7 volume. Drop into the classic desktop by hitting the Windows key on your keyboard. I’m doing most of my exploring via the classic desktop mode since the Metro desktop is geared more toward touch, which I don’t have on this laptop.
  6. Since I’m a Visual Studio enthusiast, I then installed Visual Studio 11 Ultimate and Team Foundation Server 11. I had to install the basic edition of TFS since I’m not running SQL, SQL Analysis Services, SQL Reporting Services, or SharePoint. I’ll setup a full-featured TFS instance on a VM later.

Now, I’m up and running. I’ll be in the market for a touch-enabled device next.


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