Getting Started With Team Foundation Service – Part 1

The Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Service Preview is available. It is important to note the name is Team Foundation Service and not Team Foundation Server. The Team Foundation Service is Team Foundation Server hosted by Microsoft in Azure. For now, what you get is all of the source control and work item goodness you’d get with an on-premises Team Foundation Server and it’s accessible from anywhere you get internet access. Additionally, this is a cloud-based service which means someone else is taking care of the tedious stuff I hate (and therefore never do): backups, updates, networking, security, etc. Speaking of updates, because this is a cloud-based application, we should expect to see some new features rolled out here before they are available for your on-premises Team Foundation Server. If you are interested in obtaining your own team project collection in the cloud, go here or find someone who can send you an invite to theirs.

As you get started with Team Foundation Service, your first task will likely be creating a new team project. After this, you can “upload” your source code and start creating work items.

  • Navigate to your Team Foundation Service Welcome Page. You should have received a URL when you signed up for your account.
  • Under GETTING STARTED header, click the Create a team project hyperlink.

  • In the CREATE NEW TEAM PROJECT dialog, enter a brief name in the Project name field. Optionally, enter a longer summary of the team project in the Description field. In the Process template drop-down list, choose a process to utilize on this team project.

  • Click the Create Project button to start the creation process. It may take a minute to complete.

I really like the ease of jumping into a hosted Team Foundation Server. In future posts, I’ll talk about some other advantages of the Team Foundation Service. Have you tried it? What do you think?


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