Peer Code Review with Team Foundation Server 11 – Part 3

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Action: Accept (or Decline) the Code Review

If reviewers have their email notifications set up to alert them to assigned work items, they will be sent an email for code reviews as well.

Getting the email isn’t necessary though. The list of any code reviews assigned to the reviewer will be displayed in the Code Reviews & Requests section of the My Work hub.

To examine a code review, the reviewer double-clicks a code review from the list.

Before accepting the responsibility of a code review, he/she may want to see what they are getting themselves into. There is quite a bit of information in the Code Review pane.

First, is the ability complete the review. The reviewer can simply click Send & Finish to close their review and post all of their comments back to the requestor. An easily overlooked option is to click the arrow next to Send & Finish and choose a quick comment (Looks Good, With Comments, or Needs Work) to summarize the changes.

The reviewer can click the View Shelveset hyperlink to peruse the shelved changes associated with this code review.

The Shelveset Details pane allows the user options like Unshelve Changes, Delete Shelveset. Unlike some other code review tools on the market, this one allows the reviewer to stay in Visual Studio so they can pull down the shelveset and run through the entire solution with full ability to compile, debug, execute unit tests, etc.

The Actions menu allows the reviewer to open the associated Code Revew Request work item. Doing so highlights another area where code review work items differ from others since the work item form is entirely read-only.

Reviewers can add other reviewers to the code review by clicking the Add Reviewer hyperlink.

Whether the reviewer utilizes any of this information or not, they should Accept or Decline the review which lets the requestor know if they need to search out another reviewer.

Accepting the code review changes the State and Reason of the reviewer’s Code Review Response work item to Accepted.

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