St. Louis Days of .NET 2012 UPDATE

I wanted to update you on some St. Louis Days of .NET activity.

In an effort to provide some more variety, we’ve added another pre-compiler. Ted Neward will host “Architectural Katas” which should prove to be quite interesting.

We hope to have a dozen or so general sessions announced on the site this week, but don’t wait to register. You know it’s going to be the best and brightest speakers covering everything a .NET developer needs to know! If there’s a particular topic you are anxious to see, let me know by providing a comment below. If you are wondering about the timing of events, we’ve posted the agenda here.

If your wife or girlfriend is bummed about you being gone for the weekend, make it a semi-romantic getaway! This year, we are offering shopping and spa packages for those who like that stuff. Find more info here. If that’s not of interest, don’t forget…it’s a casino! Get a hotel room and let them eat, drink, and play games all day and night.

If you are thinking about submitting topics, remember the deadline is the end of June and the good topics are going fast!!


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