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Team Foundation Server 11 Beta Power Tools

I’m constantly reminded that no one knows about the existence of so many of our Power Tools. Since Team Foundation Server is one of the developer tools I help demonstrate, I wanted to start by pointing out the helpful features that come with the Team Foundation Server 11 Beta Power Tools. (You can expect these to be updated and renamed the Team Foundation Server 2012 Power Tools very soon.)

Command-line interface – Additional command-line options using tf.exe.

Visual Studio Integration – Allows integration into the world’s best IDE! This provides some additional enhancements to Team Explorer to let you search for files in source control, clone build definitions, and integrate with Lync.

Check-in Policy Pack – A small number of commonly requested check-in policies

Process Editor – A GUI tool that alleviates some of the tedium of editing the process template and work item definition XML files

Best Practices Analyzer – Used to verify a Team Foundation Server deployment adheres to best practices. (NOTE: This requires PowerShell and .NET 2.0.)

Windows Shell Extension (x64) – Enables you to execute common source control commands from Windows Explorer. (NOTE: This requires .NET 4.0.)

PowerShell Cmdlets – Installs some useful TFS commandlets.

Test Attachment Cleaner – Utility to assist in purging old or irrelevant test data which can take up quite a bit of room on your database.

So, where can I get them? You can get them from Visual Studio’s extensions library or you can download them from here.


New Team Foundation Service Announcement

Brian Harry had an exciting blog post today I wanted to make sure people were aware of:

Introducing Kanban – I’m really not very well-versed on Kanban, but a lot of it seems like common sense practices you could use with any process. At the bottom of Brian’s post, there’s a Channel 9 video that shows the new feature and also introduces you to Kanban. Pay special attention if you are using the Team Foundation Service preview because you’ll automatically get the new Kanban board and Cumulative Flow diagram.

Free Training for a Limited Time

As mentioned in June’s MSDN flash newsletter, you can get free access to several PluralSight courses if you are an MSDN subscriber. Course topics include: C#, Visual Studio, Azure, TFS, and many more!

This limited time offer is only available through September 15, 2012, so register now and start taking advantage of another great MSDN benefit.