Monthly Archives: November 2012

Windows 8 Is Awesome!

A big shout out to my DPE brethren that have been working so hard the past few months to build out the Windows App Store!

This article highlights some really great statistics about our new Windows Store. I’m not saying we don’t still have a long way to go, but both the launch and the momentum is exciting. I, myself, am in the process of building several Windows Store applications. (Unfortunately, the full-time job keeps getting in the way!)

By the way, I’ve recently added Telerik’s controls to one of my apps and I really like how easy they have been to use. (I do hope they continue to add more controls to the suite – why hasn’t anyone built a calendar control yet?)

In other related news:

Considering my profession and my kids are both attending elementary school, I’ve grown quite concerned with the STEM topic of late. This article discusses Microsoft’s commitment to help. I strongly believe that science and math are the future of our country’s economy and I take every opportunity to speak at local schools to deliver this message.


TFS for Java Developers

I occasionally get asked about support for Java developers so I put together this list to compare the features between Team Explorer on Visual Studio and Team Explorer Everywhere on Eclipse.

Team Explorer 2012 Team Explorer Everywhere 2012
Switch Team Project contexts Yes Yes
Pending Changes hub Yes Yes
Source Control Explorer Yes Yes
Work Items hub Yes Yes
Builds hub (create, modify, delete) Yes Yes
Web Access hyperlink Yes Yes
Settings hyperlink Yes Yes
Local workspaces Yes Yes
Embedded work item editor Yes Yes
Transparent execute bit support No Yes
Access to Team Foundation Service Yes Yes
My Work Yes No
Code Review Yes No
Suspend and Resume Yes No

Read more about it: What’s New in Team Explorer Everywhere.