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What’s New in Visual Studio Since the Launch?

Like many organizations in its size category, Microsoft is often perceived as slow-moving. However, that is certainly not the case with the Visual Studio team!

The Developer Division at Microsoft is made up of several teams, but most of them have been using agile techniques for many years. More important to customers, this team is now releasing in a more agile fashion as well. Below, I’ve listed all of the updates that have been rolled out since the launch of Visual Studio 2012.

It’s a pretty impressive list. Each of these releases is not just a set of bug fixes, but they also include new features. I’ve highlighted the cloud TFS releases in green. If you are not using this service, you may think you shouldn’t care about these items. The truth is that new TFS features are rolled out to the cloud service before they are bundled into the less-frequent updates for the on-premises TFS. This gives you a chance to see what’s coming. (You can sign up for a cloud TFS account here.)

Sep 12 – Visual Studio 2012 Launch (read more here)

Sep 13 – TFS 2012 Power Tools Launch (read more here)

Sep 17 – Team Foundation Service Sprint 36 (read more here)

Oct 08 – Team Foundation Service Sprint 37 (read more here)

Oct 29 – Team Foundation Service Sprint 38 (read more here)

Oct 31 – Team Foundation Service RTM (read more here)

Nov 02 – Git-TF 2.0 (read more here)

Nov 19 – Team Foundation Service Sprint 39 (read more here)

Nov 26 – Update 1 Released (read more here)

Nov 29 – New TFS 2012 Power Tools for Update 1 (read more here)

Dec 10 – Team Foundation Service Sprint 40 (read more here)

Jan 07 – Team Foundation Service Sprint 41 (read more here)

Jan 21 – Team Foundation Service Sprint 42 (read more here)

Jan 25 – OData for Team Foundation Service (read more here)

Feb 11 – Team Foundation Service Sprint 43 (read more here)

Mar 4 – Team Foundation Service Sprint 44 (read more here)

Mar 4 – Update 2 CTP 4 Released (read more here)

Mar 22 – Team Foundation Service Sprint 45 (read more here)

Last, but not least, a lot of the features in the above list are selected based on your votes in User Voice!