Tagging TFS Work Items

Several people have asked for the ability to assign tags to work items in Team Foundation Server. Work items have always had an Area Path attribute that provides a hierarchical categorization to work items that is great for reporting, but sometime you want something a little more freeform. I’m happy to let all of you know that with Team Foundation Server Update 2 (currently in “go-live” CTP), we now provide tagging. (Download CTP 4 here.)

NOTE: Work item tagging is already available in Team Foundation Service (our cloud-hosted TFS).

In the screenshot below, you can see the Tags label right above the title of the bug.


Clicking the Add… button changes it into a text box where you can enter some relevant text.


You can add several more tags and remove any of them by clicking the small ‘x’ next to the associated text. Be sure to save your changes.

Run a query and you’ll see a small filter icon on the far right of the query toolbar. Click this icon to display the Tags filter. From here, you can see a count of work items with the specified tags. You can click a tag in order to further filter the queried results. Click the All tag to remove any filtering.


In the screenshot above, you can see I also display the Tags column. You can add this column to your query by clicking the Column Options button in the query toolbar.

For you advanced TFS users, the System.Tags field type is Plain Text and not reportable.

I can think of a variety of scenarios where tags could be used. Where would you use this feature?


Posted on March 11, 2013, in TFS. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. It is a shame tagging only exists in the web interface, and not in the IDE. This limits its use somewhat…unless I missed something.

  2. I agree – is there any way of trying to show this up on the Visual Studio front end form?

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