Visual Studio 2013 Preview – Team Explorer Home Page

While Team Explorer 2012 (and subsequent Updates) added some really great features, I’m really happy to see the new user experience in Visual Studio 2013 Preview.

The new Home page

Project group

At the top of the Home page, the Project section shows the same hub links, but is both more concise and colorful. You can more easily dock team Explorer to a small pane or on your second monitor in a very small space. The color adds some aesthetic appeal, but it also helps your eye gravitate to the color/symbol faster than reading text.

With 2013, each option is more than a navigation link. You can right-click each to see a context menu of related commands. Right now, the context menus are very sparse, but I could see additional options being added over time. In 2012, there is a Request Code Review link under the My Work link. In 2013, the Request Code Review command is available by right-clicking My Work.

Right-click Pending Changes gives you the option to Find

Right-click Work Items to create a New Query.

Source Control Explorer is now its own item – rather than under Pending Changes as it is in 2012.

I love that you can navigate straight to the active Task Board for this Team Project and I’ll explore that and the new Team Room feature more in another post.

Solutions group

Below the Project menu is a list of solutions pulled from the active Team Project and your workspace. My favorite part of this is subtle – when you open a solution from this list, it bolds the text. I can just glance at it to see which solution and its branch. For those of you that regularly move between workspaces, you can switch them in the drop-down list provided. The New… and Open… hyperlinks create/open Visual Studio projects respectively – not workspaces as one might think.

That’s all for now. I’d love to hear what you guys think. If you have suggestions for the product team, contribute to User Voice. (They really do listen to that feedback. I know because I see the summary reports the team sends out.)


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