Visual Studio 2013 Preview – User Account

New to Visual Studio 2013 is the concept of a user account.

When you first run Visual Studio, you will be prompted to sign in. We will use this information to store your settings in the cloud and make them available to you on whatever machine you are using.

You can always view your account information by going to File | Account Settings…

If you click the Visual Studio profile hyperlink, you’ll be navigated to the following page in your browser.

After reviewing your profile information, click Continue. This will just take you the Team Foundation Service site.

This user profile feature is still early, but I can foresee a lot of potential here beyond tracking your settings. Down the road, we could…

…add more features to the associated web site that show you news you follow like blogs, Channel 9 videos of interest, events you may want to attend, etc.,

…track your recent activity and activity of your team(s) in a dashboard,

…use your stored credentials to auto-connect you to databases, servers, Azure, and more;

…alert you to activity wherever you are – such as NuGet Package updates.

Where would you like to see us go with this?


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