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My Two Favorite Things!

Visual Studio + Xbox Achievements?!

Now, you can earn achievements while you use Visual Studio!


Multi-line test steps added to Microsoft Test Manager

I just discovered a recent (October 2011) blog post from Brian Harry where he discussed a service pack release that allows test authors to utilize line breaks in test steps and a couple of other things.

NOTE: This is not the same as Service Pack 1 (SP1). This is a separate install.

  1. After you have installed this service pack.
  2. Open a new or existing test case in Microsoft Test Manager.
  3. Place your cursor at the end of a test step and hit ALT+ENTER to insert a line break. Continue typing to add text on a second line.
MTM Test Case - Multi-line Test Step

MTM Test Case - Multi-line Test Step

MTM Test Runner - Multi-line Test

MTM Test Runner - Multi-line Test

So, there you go! There will be other usability enhancements within the next version of the product and I’ll highlight those in upcoming posts.

CodeMash Shout-out!

CodeMash 2012 in Sandusky, Ohio starts tomorrow (Jan 11) and runs through Friday (Jan 13). If you can make it, you should definitely try. I’m not able to go since I just switched jobs, but I want to hear your feedback on the event!

There looks to be a session on “Slate time for Windows Azure” and anything with the word ‘slate’ always intrigues me. (I can’t wait until we have those transparent, flexible slates they show in movies like Avatar or Minority Report!)

My colleague, Clint Edmonson always puts on a great show and will be doing a session entitled “A Force of One: Agile and the Solo Developer”.

Check out sessions from some of my other colleagues below:

session presenter time location
wednesday, jan 11
building social games using html5 with windows 8, azure, and .net (full day) nathan totten all day nile
html5 is here & the web will never be the same brandon satrom & clark sell 1:30pm salon g
windows phone 7 workshop jeff blankenburg & dave bost 1:30pm sage/zebra
thursday, jan 12
what the heck are they doing over there? inside the ms web stack of love scott hanselman 9:45am orange
what’s new in windows phone mango jesse liberty 9:45am salon g
breaking the barrier with node.js on windows & azure glenn block 1:45pm salon a
coffeescript is for closers brandon satrom 3:35pm salon e
a force of one: agile and the solo developer clint edmonson 3:35pm aloes/leopardwood
friday, jan 13
making crazy money with games and the cloud brian prince 9:30am salon b
an introduction to SignalR brady gaster 9:30am nile
dealing with information overload scott hanselman 10:45am aloes/leopardwood
mobile smack down iron chef style jeff blankenburg 1:45pm zambezi
ask us anything. seriously. ms team 3:00pm zambezi

There are plenty of other interesting-looking sessions like:

  • Putting the D&D in TDD
  • .NET TDD Immersion
  • Beginning and Intermediate Software Craftsmanship Workshops
  • The People vs JavaScript (amusing description!)
  • Async from the Inside
  • Async from the Outside
  • Making a Mockery of Hard to Test Code
  • …and plenty more!!

First Week at Microsoft

For those of you that don’t know, I’ve recently switched jobs and I’ve just completed my first week at Microsoft as a Developer Technology Specialist.

I’ll be focused on talking to customers in Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and other neighboring states about the features and benefits of working on the Microsoft developer platform and it’s amazing developer tools. I’ve long been a fan (and evangelist) of Visual Studio and TFS, so this is a great fit for me. (I’ve got some big shoes to fill since Bill Maurer has this position before me and I am lucky to still be able to work along side him in his new role.) Besides the developer tools, I’m also excited to talk to customers about other current and future technologies like WCF, WPF, etc.

I’ll still be heavily involved in the St. Louis Days of .NET and other community events. I look forward to seeing many of you at our 5th anniversary event this August!

If you are interested in learning more about the Microsoft developer platform, it’s now my job to talk to you! 🙂