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St. Louis Days of .NET 2012 First Round of Sessions

Every year a few people ask to see the sessions before they register for the event.

Here’s our first round of 18 selected sessions. There are many more to come of course, but I thought this would be a decent representative sample. (Surprise! They are all .NET developer-related sessions!)

Registration has been spiking recently so be sure to register before the best developer conference in the Midwest sells out!


St. Louis Days of .NET 2012 UPDATE

I wanted to update you on some St. Louis Days of .NET activity.

In an effort to provide some more variety, we’ve added another pre-compiler. Ted Neward will host “Architectural Katas” which should prove to be quite interesting.

We hope to have a dozen or so general sessions announced on the site this week, but don’t wait to register. You know it’s going to be the best and brightest speakers covering everything a .NET developer needs to know! If there’s a particular topic you are anxious to see, let me know by providing a comment below. If you are wondering about the timing of events, we’ve posted the agenda here.

If your wife or girlfriend is bummed about you being gone for the weekend, make it a semi-romantic getaway! This year, we are offering shopping and spa packages for those who like that stuff. Find more info here. If that’s not of interest, don’t forget…it’s a casino! Get a hotel room and let them eat, drink, and play games all day and night.

If you are thinking about submitting topics, remember the deadline is the end of June and the good topics are going fast!!

Registration is now open for St. Louis Days of .NET 2012

Registration for the St. Louis Days of .NET 2012 is now open!  The conference will once again be held at the Ameristar in St. Charles, Missouri, on August 2-4, 2012. The “early bird” price of $175 per person will be available through June 30. You’re going to want to ACT FAST THIS YEAR – due to our ever-growing demand and our desire to fit within our venue, we have had to cap our event to only 900 available tickets!

To celebrate our fifth year, we have a number of exciting changes in store. There is now an optional THIRD DAY of content. For an additional $75, you can come out on Thursday (August 2) and spend a full 8-hour day in a deep and focused dive into one of a handful of new and upcoming technologies and practices. (For instance, I will be hosting a hands-on workshop for the upcoming Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server.) The main conference sessions will, as usual, take place on Friday and Saturday.

In addition, we have two great social events planned on Thursday and Friday evenings. Take it easy after the long day of sessions and hang out with your peers, meet the speakers, or just have some great food and drink!

Meet your peers, make connections, have great discussions with industry leaders and luminaries. From start to finish, we look forward to bringing you our best and most exciting conference yet! Remember to spread the word – tell your friends and colleagues to register as soon as they can once registration opens up this Thursday.

And lastly, we still have great opportunities available to become more involved. We continue to review speaker submissions for those interested in presenting. Or if your company wants to get its name out there, we still have a few remaining sponsorship opportunities. Check out our website ( or email us for more information.

Speaker submissions:

Sponsorship information:

Thanks a ton for your ongoing support! We look forward to meeting you in St. Louis again this summer!

St. Louis Days of .NET 2012 Call for Speakers

We have finally set up the session submission pages for our 5th St. Louis Days of .NET!

Go here to submit your session ideas or go here to learn more about the event.

RE: Registration: We haven’t opened attendee registration yet because we want to have the pre-compiler options available when you sign up, but we will do so very soon. We appreciate your patience on this.

St. Louis Day of .NET 2011

Registration is now open at!

There are already a bunch of sessions posted and I should have an agenda before the end of the month. Let me know which sessions you are most excited about and I’ll make sure they get the bigger rooms. Also, let me know if you don’t see particular topics represented at all!

St. Louis Day of .NET 2011

We are in the early stages of planning this year’s Day of .NET event. I’ve already sent out the speaker submission form to several people.

We had just over 700 people in attendance last year – WINNING! We really appreciate everyone’s support and hope all attendees really feel this is their event.

If you or someone you know would be interested in speaking, please contact me to request a form.

As always, the criteria to speak is a passion for technology – specifically on the Microsft platform (they’re our biggest supporter too). Speaking experience is preferred, but not required.

If you don’t want to speak and just want more information on attending, check out in the coming weeks.

If you’ve spoke or attended our event in the past, I’d also welcome suggestions for improvement.

Some sample code for you interested parties…

public void ExecuteNextSteps(Interest you, Interest yourFriend)
        if ((you == Interest.Speaking) || (yourFriend == Interest.Speaking))
        else if (you == Interest.Attending)
        StringCollection eventFeedback = new StringCollection { "Your comment" };

STL Day of .NET 2010 Update

And the action is starting to heat up with the St. Louis Day of .NET 2010!
We have secured a decent number of sponsors (although we hope to get more) and we will be holding an initial review of our speaker submissions. If you would like to submit a topic, please add a comment to this post or get the form from directly from here. If your organization would like to sponsor our event, contact Finally, keep an eye on this site to register to attend the event.
I’m going to start assembling the tech tracks, so let me know if you guys would like to see anything in particular.

Day of .NET 3?

We just wrapped up our first planning meeting for the 2010 version of the St. Louis Day of .NET. I was so looking forward to this discussion and seeing everyone to discuss what has become a great event!
Familiar faces – Michale Querimit, Lauren Bright, Michelle Marcus, Kevin Grossnicklaus, Scott Spradlin (and wife), Clint Edmonson, Muljadi Budiman, Chris Deweese, and Jeff Strauss – were all in attendance. Everyone was excited to contribute and I look forward to working alongside all of them again this year!

St. Louis Day of .NET 2009 is over!

It was a lot of work by just a few people, but I feel very fortunate to be one of them. We have received a lot of feedback from many participants and it is nearly all positive!I really enjoyed meeting a lot of new people – veterans to rooks! I hope everyone else made new contacts because IMO that’s what these gatherings are all about. Learning how to do something new or being exposed to new platforms and technologies is great, but there are other channels for these things (e.g. classrooms, blogs, books, and more). The opportunities to really talk to people face-to-face in our industry outside of our regular circles are few and far between.

Some personal mistakes I made:
  • I titled the session I was most excited about presenting: “ALM Quantified”. Because I’ve lived with the ALM acronym for a few years now, I assumed more people would know what it was (Application Lifecycle Management). Next time I’ll know better.
  • Another assumption was that if I put a lot of exciting sessions at the end of the day on Saturday, people would be more likely to stay throughout. It was naive to think I could push people this hard. The attendees started very early on Friday and were in session until after 5pm that evening. Many stayed several hours after in the Home nightclub and got up early again on Saturday. Thank you all for enduring and I hope you don’t feel cheated of some of some great sessions.

Day of .NET 2009 Registration

I’m one of the organizers of this event and we have finally announced thatregistrationis officially open for this year’s highly anticipated St. Louis Day of .NET conference and there’s a special surprise – it’s two days! That’s right – two full days of technical content. The flyer below has the highlights and you can get all the details and sign up here:

Please join us for this awesome event and pass the word along to your friends and coworkers as well.

Hope to see you there!